Fermentation Crock Weights
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Fermentation Crock Weights

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Help hold down your food with these Ohio Stoneware weights
  • 1 Gallon Crock Weights
    SKU: 1331
  • $11.99
  • 3 Gallon Crock Weights
    SKU: 1332
  • $15.99
  • This item is backordered. The expected arrival date for this product is 7/17/2018
  • 4 Gallon Crock Weights
    SKU: 1333
  • $19.99
Weights are designed to fit inside the crock to weigh the food down during fermenting. They come as 2 semi-circular stones. Choose the weight size that corresponds to the crock size in order to ensure the proper fit in your crock.

Hand wash and dry completely before storing.
  • Weight size should match the crock size (i.e. 1 gallon lid pairs with the 1 gallon crock).
  • Hand wash and dry completely before storing.
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