WonderMill™ Junior Deluxe Plus Grain Mill
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WonderMill™ Junior Deluxe Plus Grain Mill

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 1 Year Warranty
Easily hand grind your own fresh grain
  • Grinds a variety of grains, seeds, and nuts including oily seeds
  • Stainless steel burr and stone grinding heads
  • Easily adjusts from fine to coarse grinding
  • One of a kind dual feed auger
  • Hopper holds up to 4 cups of grain
  • Makes nut butter
  • The WonderMill™ Junior Deluxe grain mill is more versatile and effective than other hand mills in the market. This hand grain mill cracks grain to produce pastry fine flour with just one pass and grinds oily grains, cloves, herbs, spices. It also can make nut butter. It is easy to set-up and use with a sturdy table clamp. This is a durable grain mill that will delight you time and time again.

    Stainless Steel Burr Heads: The Wonder Junior Grain Mill has 4-inch diameter stainless steel burrs that grind dry wheat and grains as well as wet and oily grains like flax, herbs, and spices. It can make nut butter better than any other grind mill on the market.

    Heavy Stones: The Wonder Junior Grain Mill has strong stones for milling all dry grains, beans, and legumes.

    Uni-body Construction: Solid metal one-piece design with replaceable bronze bearings, large diameter (5/8") steel drive shaft and a ten-inch long handle with large grip that is easy and comfortable for turning.

    Patented Dual Clamp: The wide, dual-grip clamp won't allow slipping while grinding. The large swivel pads are gentle on surfaces and accommodate surfaces up 2 1/8 inch thick.

    Adjustable Milling: Adjusts quickly and easily from super-fine pastry flour to coarse cracked cereals, and anywhere in between.

    Dual Feed Auger: One-of-a-kind dual feed auger that uses both a spring and spiral auger to feed the grain into the stones and burrs for grinding perfection.

    Easy Cleanup: Easy to clean up! The flour guide will help keep the mess to a minimum and the beautiful powder coated finish will make clean-up easy.

    Handpicked for you by Roots & Harvest, a family-owned company, to make creating from scratch a bit easier.
    • Includes: table clamp, flour guide, 2 milling heads with a clean-up brush, 2 Augers for dry grain and wet/oil grain, & a Handle Remover Tool included in the package
    • 2 Augers: One for grain and dry grains and the other is for wet or oily grains (peanuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, masa corn, almonds, sprouted wheat, sunflower seeds, pistachios)
    • Large diamter 5/8" steel drive shaft
    • Hopper holds 4 cups of grain
    • Versatile: grind a variety of grains, seeds, and nuts
    • Will produce 1 1/4 cups of fine wheat flour in 1 minute or 80 turns of the handle
    • Flour guide will help to keep mess to a minimum
    • Body is powder coated with a tough, long-lasting finish that makes clean-up very easy
    • Clamp won't allow slipping when grinding. Pads on screws are gentle on surfaces. Clamp accommodates surfaces up to 2 1/8 in. thick
    • 2 milling sets: 4 in. diameter corundum stone burrs and steel milling set for wet or oily material
    • Front knob will easily adjust from fine to coarse grind
    • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
    • Grinds a variety of dry goods; coffee beans, kidney beans, poppy seed, wheat, popcorn, tapioca, yellow lentils, millet

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