Wood Butter Paddles
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Wood Butter Paddles

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Essential Tool to Easily Remove Buttermilk
  • Deep grooves for removing excess whey/buttermilk
  • Designed to help shape your homemade butter
  • Prevents butter from melting from the heat of your hands
  • Slanted end
  • Hand wash
These grooved Birchwood paddles are essential for removing excess buttermilk and helping to mold your fresh homemade butter.

Dual Sided: These Birchwood butter paddles are each covered with narrow ridges on one side. The deep grooves are essential for removing excess buttermilk ensuring your homemade butter is fresh as possible.

Deep Ridges for Decorative Molding: Create decoratively ridged butter balls or form butter into a block. Paddles prevent butter from melting from the heat of your hands. Also great for making gnocchi as the ridges in the dough help the pasta hold the sauce.

Untreated Birchwood: Since the wood is unbleached and untreated, the paddles will darken to a golden hue as the fats from the butter enrich the surface.
  • Material: Birchwood
  • Dual sided: one flat side, one ribbed side
  • Has a slanted end
  • Dimensions: 7" long X 2 ¼" wide
  • Hand wash only
  • Set of 2

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