SureSeal™ Vacuum Sealer

Seal In the Freshness!

We designed this vacuum sealer with a convenient magnetic roll holder that is easily removed for two-person cutting and sealing, silicone gaskets that resist compression, a removable vacuum chamber for easy cleanup, and a slim profile that makes it easy to store. Reliable, durable, and convenient, the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer is a kitchen workhorse. Once you see how easy it is to seal and store, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Versatile and Simple to Use

It's never been easier to preserve flavor and nutrients, prolong shelf life, and prevent freezer burn! The SureSeal Vacuum Sealer's intuitive, five-button function panel makes it so simple to operate. The auto-vacuum function is your go-to option for one-button sealing of most foods. The other functions allow you to create bags from rolls, seal moist foods like fish and berries, and manually control the vacuum to seal delicate foods without crushing them. You can also use the sealer with a vacuum hose and Jar Sealer (both sold separately) to vacuum seal canning jars. A quick-start guide offers simple step-by-step instructions, and the user's manual offers more details and helpful tips.

Compact & Convertible

Designed for space-saving efficiency, the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer fits easily on your countertop. The roll holder/cutter attaches to the sealer with magnets and quickly detaches so the two can be used separately, saving even more space. For compact storage and easy access, place the sealer upright on its back on your counter or in a cupboard.

Better Performance & Longer Life

For easy use, we added a silicone SureSeal Bar for precise bag placement, a removable drip tray for fast cleanup, and compression-resistant silicone gaskets that last longer than foam gaskets. As with all sealers, the gaskets and seal bar will wear over time; however, unlike other sealers that must be discarded when those parts are worn, we offer replacement parts to ensure a long working life for your sealer.


SureSeal Vacuum Sealer

Seal in the freshness

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