Walnut Cracker
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Walnut Cracker

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Easily crack black walnuts in a fraction of the time
  • Cracks shells and leaves nut intact
  • Adjustable to any nut size
  • Powerful gear-lever action
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum frame
  • This item is backordered. The expected arrival date for this product is 4/26/2021
    This heavy-duty cast aluminum Black Walnut Cracker effortlessly cracks black walnuts of varying sizes, making your fall harvest easier than ever.

    Easy Cracking: Powerful gear lever action easily opens hickory nuts, pecans, and black walnuts. No more hammers and sore hands; this simple device is a must for any nut lover.

    Time–saving: Cracks nuts in a fraction of the time it takes with other crackers.

    Adjustable Design: Allows for most nut shapes and sizes.

    Durable Construction: Heavy-duty aluminum cast frame mounted on a stainless steel base is built to last.

    Designed for you by LEM, a family-owned company, to make creating from scratch a bit easier.

    Customer Reviews

    James A Baker
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    After cracking a lot of walnuts, this unit still amazes me. works great. I can get whole halves most of the time, it takes little effort if you crack the nut several times rotating it but crack it a little bit at a time.

    James Baker
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    I just received my cracker, all I can say is wow on how it cracks walnuts. There are no instructions so it took me some time to figure out to make adjustments. I squeezed the nut until it starts to crack then turn it, repeat this several times, the shell comes off with little effort. For my best results the nut needs to be dry. This is the first time I've had big pieces of walnut to eat. You will need a nut pick at times. It is a little messy, so I put newspaper down. Thank you for this product. I'll give an update after I use it more

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